Vision and Mission

Our Vision

ALL students are high school ready prior to entering ninth grade. ALL students (grades K-12) are more academically accountable, competitive, and personally fulfilled as they progress through these crucial years.

Our Mission

ALO develops and distributes community based, sustainable systems (programs and materials) that provide additional beyond-the-school-day academic support. Our programs and materials focus on academics, building relationships, and the positive protective factors that enable students to meet or exceed state standards, graduate from high school, and be better prepared for the workforce or college.

Our Goals

Academic Link Outreach (ALO) acts as a voice to educate the public about the need to provide beyond-the-school-day academic support for higher academic achievement of students.


Educates students, parents, and communities about the significant impact academic success will have on their future.


Promote the positive protective factors: hope, leadership, resiliency, self-advocacy and responsibility; guaranteeing success in high school.


Research and analyze existing data and current “beyond the school day” support systems and learning environments.


Promote programs which connect students to role models to teach the value of education and how to thrive in a challenging learning environment.


Create and facilitate additional learning opportunities in schools and communities beyond the school day.


Guarantee academic support so students will be responsible and accountable to the school system.


Promote focused parental involvement.


Inspire students to excel and seek high levels of academic success.


Make the educational “gap” so small that no student will fall through.


Reduce youth violence and substance abuse by helping students develop a more “connected” attitude towards school, improve attendance, and achieve greater academic success.