What We Offer

We offer year round services that include:

One on One: We offer one-on-one tutoring for all ages, in all core subjects,  to make sure that every student gets thorough, specialized assistance. The curriculum our tutors use is unique for each student and designed to help them meet their own individual goals. Our students are at all skill-levels, and we have experience working with students who have 504 plans and IEPs.

School & Study Habits: Our tutors can help with developing good school habits including study skills, time management, and organization.

Skills and Subjects: We offer one on one tutoring for ALL the K-12 core skills and subjects, most AP/IB/college-level math and sciences, middle school-specific writing and research skills, AP/IB/college-level humanities including writing and history, and Spanish. We also focus on beginning reading including phonics and whole word; reading comprehension, sentence, paragraph and essay writing, cursive writing + penmanship.

Test Prep: We help students prepare for the SSAT/ISEE, ACT/SAT, HSPT, SBA and the CoGat/ITBS/STARS tests for gifted and talented programs.

College Guidance: For high school students, we offer support to help students find colleges, guiding them through the pre-college process – including entrance essays and college resumes.

Academic Advising: We work with schools to make sure the student’s individual needs are being met. We have experience providing additional educational support, under the guidance and approval of the school, for students who require a different approach to learning. Please inquire about your specific needs.

We also offer special summer tutoring and college advising during the summer!

Our Goals:

Improve student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics, through one-on-one tutoring

Provide personalized instructional programs so students can work at their own skill level and pace

Motivate students to excel through developing individual goals and benchmarks

Add depth and enrichment to student learning to strive beyond grade level

Help with home-to-school communication to facilitate academic success

Provide flexible scheduling for parents so that students can attend during business hours, evenings and weekends

Help parents understand the status of their child’s learning

Facilitate additional learning opportunities through tutoring to help students find more success

Provide independent study tutored courses for additional high school credits

Provide a motivational, caring atmosphere for learning

Our Strengths:

Students become part of our Academic Link family since 2003!

Highly trained and certified tutors who are experts in their skill areas – most of our tutors have been with us for over a decade!

One-on-one instruction and specialized curriculum and methodologies

Individualized educational consulting providing skilled help to assist students through elementary, middle school, high school, and college

Weekly monitoring and coaching of students for academic support

Convenient location for Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Bothell, Woodinville, Mercer Island, and Issaquah

Affordable rates – we offer tutoring, academic advising, specialized curriculum, college guidance, and even career coaching for EVERY student at one low hourly rate

Our tutors are flexible and can adapt to the student’s needs as they grow and progress

We work with students, parents, teachers and counselors to better understand the student

President, Jan Link has 50+ years of experience as a teacher, curriculum director, elementary and high school principal for 10+ years. She directed summer school programs and took a local school to year round learning.

Contact Us!: Give us a call (425-827-8137) or send us an email () for more information!

*Please inquire about your student’s needs and we will accommodate them.