PATH Program Results and Statistics

PATH Program Results and Statistics

Using Proven Data to Create Our Program

Decisions must be based on what has proven to work. That is what happened as a result of 50 students who started the PATH to College Success program in 2010. These students were followed through 2 years of middle school and one year of high school to determine what needs to be in place to guarantee student academic success. The results speak for themselves and what was learned was used to create the LEARNING LAB concept.

Results: Out of 48 students (2 moved to other states) there were 16 students who earned all A’sin classwork with three more getting one other grade.

On the HSPE state test at the end of the10th grade year, 87% (compared to 57% statewide) earned a 4 (exceeds state standard) in Reading and 74% (compared to 42% statewide) earned a 4 in writing. Only one student failed to make standard being 7 points away from earning a 3 in reading.

Aspects incorporated into the LEARNING LAB program learned from these PATH results and working with the students.

  • Strong parenting component: It starts with getting parents and students working as a team to set goals and expectations.
  • Continuous monitoring of classwork and grades. Week by week with communication with the students and parents if there are any D’s or F’s or not passing the state tests
  • Rewarding the earning of expected grades. In this case, a 3.0 and above.
  • Having a safe study place and access to additional instruction, targeting the academic needs of the students.

THE LEARNING LAB Success comes when you give direct support to students to keep them accountable and responsible to the educational program.