LEARNING LABS Partnerships

All adults are responsible for the learning of ALL children. Why? Because our children become our community citizens of tomorrow. They become our taxpayers and fund Social Security. They need to be able to buy homes where they grew up, send their children to quality schools, and have the financial means to live a comfortable life. All adults will be relying on the strength of our children to keep us thriving into the future. We need to raise them well, for our community will only be as strong as the children we raise!

We are where we are because of our businesses, companies, organizations, and individuals. Our thanks go out to each; not only for their financial support but for believing that all children can learn, but not in the same way, or in the same amount of time.


McClain Insurance

South Everett Mukilteo Rotary

Mukilteo Kiwanis

Wayne H Smith

Tulalip Charitable Trust


Charles Schwab

Electroimpact, Inc.



Kiwanis of Mukilteo



Harbor Freight

Office Depot

Traxx Racing

Papa Murphy’s


Jersey Mike’s

Jan Link

Fred Meyer