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Academic Link Outreach is implementing LEARNING LABS in middle schools beginning September 2018. Current plans are implementation at Olympic View Middle School in the Mukilteo School District. LEARNING LABS academic support program begins with the incoming 6th grade middle school class.

The goal is for ALL students to meet or exceed grade level standard (A/B/C grades and pass the annual state assessment.) LEARNING LABS teaches students responsibility, accountability, and the direct relationship between their choices and academic success.

LEARNING LABS is a beyond-the-school-day academic support program and not considered part of basic education; districts do not allocate resources for LEARNING LABS. Academic Link Outreach is actively seeking partnerships from county, city, community businesses and service organizations to fund LEARNING LABS programs in Mukilteo and Edmonds middle schools to demonstrate the impact of direct, focused academic assistance. Once proven schoolwide, schools will secure their own funding.

A comprehensive LEARNING LABS manual will be used as a guide for planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating the program. The “how to” manual, if followed, will guarantee student academic success!


LEARNING LABS promotes academic success and provides academic assistance when needed. A team environment is created with students, parents, school and the community. LEARNING LABS is facilitated at the school and available for students for three hours after school to complete assignments, work with tutor/mentor volunteers in understanding their schoolwork, learn study skills and strategies and receive state test prep.LEARNING LABS is no cost to the student and an “as-needed” program. Students will be prepared for the rigors of high school, understanding the relationship of hard work, choice and academic success.

LEARNING LABS guarantees academic success when four essential program elements are implemented:

  • Strong parenting program with parents as a critical part of the academic team
  • Weekly monitoring of grades with focused feedback and support
  • Weekly congratulation awards to students meeting established expectations
  • A positive, academic environment where students complete, redo, or makeup classroom assignments, learn study skills and strategies and receive state test prep practice based on the Common Core.

How the student benefits:

  • Access to consistent support from after school until 6:00 pm Monday-Friday, 180 days.
  • Assistance with completion of all assignments, no D’s or F’s, pass state tests, and the development of the necessary study skills to academically succeed in the future.
  • Ample mentoring for motivation and quality of work.
  • Ample access to the necessary resources like technology and extra time.

How the parent benefits:

  • Ongoing communication to keep students involved in their students learning.
  • A more honest and productive relationship among the student, teacher and parent.
  • The ability to be more involved in their child’s education.
  • Reassurance that their child’s education is important and they are in a safe place.

How the school benefits:

  • The opportunity for schools to hold students to higher expectations.
  • Students are held accountable in meeting the school and State’s expectations by developing individual responsibility.
  • An academic culture where all students will succeed and failure is NOT an option.