About Us

Our Origins

"Learning should not stop when the last school bell rings.”

Jan Link, Founder and Director of Academic Link Outreach, has put into practice this maxim for more than 50 years. Her passion for the academic success of students is unparalleled. After 36 years of service in public schools as a teacher, curriculum director, elementary and secondary principal, Jan knew that her vision to provide academic support for students was as strong as ever.

Instead of retiring she opened an academic support and enrichment center in Kirkland. Almost two decades later, Academic Link continues to provide academic support and enrichment services. The experiences at Academic Link motivated Jan to establish the non-profit, Academic Link Outreach, in 2006, to provide more children additional academic support through development and implementation of sustainable programs and materials.

Jan continues to serve students of Washington with her creativity, commitment and intense passion of academic success for all children. She lives by the motto:

"Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and he has food for a lifetime".

image of Jan Link, President/Director of ALO

Jan Link, Founder and Director