Kindergarten Prep – $295/wk

How your child begins school will greatly affect their school success! We will focus on the six essential areas of learning and development which are used in kindergarten classes through WaKIDS. Subjects include number concepts, operations, shapes, essential phonic skills, alphabet knowledge, and picture reading.
July 11th – 15th 9 am – 12 pm
August 1st – 5th 1 pm – 4 pm

1st Grade Prep – $295/wk

Develop a love for learning! Focus will be on beginning/advanced phonics, early reading including word attack, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. We will also teach and practice grade level math concepts and operations.
July 11th – 15th 1 pm – 4 pm
August 1st – 5th 9 am – 12 pm

2nd/3rd Grade Prep – $295/wk

We will test and give instruction to cement the essential grade level reading comprehension, writing (Masterpiece sentence and story writing) and math skills. We will excite students to use books and writing to open their world to adventure.
July 18th – 22nd 9 am – 12 pm
August 8th – 12th 1 pm – 4 pm

4th/5th Grade Prep – $295/wk

These are the ‘make it or break it’ years in elementary school, prior to multiple teachers and faster paced middle school. Students will be instructed in reading, writing and math. Reading will focus on vocabulary, the twelve essential comprehension skills, and the basic rules to becoming a better speller. Writing will focus on writing formal paragraphs. Math will focus reviewing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; introduce/review fraction concepts and operations; review place value and introduce decimals.
July 18th – 22nd 1 pm – 4 pm
August 8th – 12th 9 am – 12 pm


Skills for Math Success – $295/wk

Emphasis is on understanding and practicing the key points of the middle school math curriculum. After reviewing fractions, decimals, and percentages, we will focus on expressions, equations, and graphs in one and two variables. We will then work with rates, ratios, proportions, and geometry concepts.
July 25th – July 29th 9 am – 12 pm
August 15th – August 19th 1 pm – 4 pm

Essential Organizational, Study Skills and Test Taking Skills – $295/wk

This class is for students in grades 6th -12th. We will cover personal study skills such as attitude, learning style and how to accommodate for that style, goal setting, and believing in oneself. We will also emphasize keeping organized, notetaking, strategies for test taking and focus, memorization tips, and time management.
July 25th – July 29th 1 pm – 4 pm
August 15th – August 19th 9 am – 12 pm
August 26th 1 pm – 4 pm

6 + 1 Traits of Writing – $295/wk

This course focuses on the meaning and understanding of each of the writing traits: ideas and content,
organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation. We will work on Masterpiece sentence writing, paragraph, and essay writing (narrative, expository, and persuasive). This class will help build a strong foundation upon which quality writing skills can grow.
August 22nd – August 26th 9 am – 12 pm

One-on-One Tutoring

Our tutors provide specialized one-on-one tutoring in all core subjects and for all ages. Students can solidify their grade level knowledge and skills or move forward to be more advanced. We can also prep for private school and college admissions.

Learning Labs

Students entering grades 2nd -5th can improve their learning in math and reading. Accelerated Math ensures mastery of grade level math computational skills. Reading focuses on word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills.

At Academic Link Outreach, we have been helping students become stronger and more
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